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July 17, 2011

This is officially my last post for a while. I am going on blog hiatus. This Monday the movers are coming to get all of our stuff including my friend, the computer. Now, I will be returning as soon as possible- don’t fret! Unfortunately when moving overseas…. as soon as possible is likely in the realm of two months. Wish us luck in Germany! And until my return I hope you enjoy all the posts I’ve made over the last three months : )

Here are a couple I found from other blogs this week:

  • I haven’t had an M&M cookie in forevvvver! These just looks so scrumptious and fun : D I love fun ideas.
  • Ughhh, I SO need to make this- I love spinach and mushrooms! Together in a slow cooker as a lasagna… tooooo good.
  • I’ve never had a fool before. They look so creamy and delicious. This blueberry fool looks so yummy!
  • I think the idea behind these oreo peanut butter layer pies is SO clever- how easy and incredibly delicious….
  • Alright, another one from picky palate…. this girl is amazing at coming up with insane combinations! Gooey cookies and cream chocolate cake bars anyone?
This Weeks Pick:
Absolutely these Chewy Brownies from Cooks Illustrated. I was really impressed with the recipe. I know, it’s just a basic brownie…. but seriously, it’s a really realllly good homemade brownie recipe! The texture is amazing and it is so easy to throw together. It’s definitely one of my favorite brownie recipes.

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