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October 6, 2012

October is here!!! And boy am I ready to start baking with pumpkin and spices galore! My absolute favorite time of the year. I am all stocked up on pumpkin- I think I have 7 cans, hopefully that will last me until the end of November at least (if I am lucky). We run out of pumpkin very easily in our grocery store on post so it is absolutely necessary to make a stock when you see some. One day I will experiment with making my own pumpkin puree, but since all the pumpkins are labeled in German over here I don’t want to chance picking the wrong one… Anyways, I hope you’re all ready for some great Fall seasonal recipes because here they come!

I used to get Apple Chimichangas for dessert every time that I went to Applebee’s. I would LOVE to make some at home to see how they would turn compare.

by J Cocina

These treats take a yeasted cinnamon roll dough and make it into Apple Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes– so clever!

by Homemade by Holman

I made something like this Buttermilk Caramel Syrup once to go over Pumpkin Pancakes– AMAZING!!!

by Creations by Kara

One day I am going to make some Pumpkin Scones…. I can’t wait! They look so yummy, especially with that glaze.

by Portuguese Girl Cooks 

This Weeks Pick:

These are one of my favorite cookies (Oatmeal Date Nut Spice Cookies) to bake in the Fall, so it would be just wrong for me not to recommend them as “This Weeks Pick”. They are easy and delicious, full of everybody’s favorite Fall flavors- dried fruit, nuts, oatmeal, and pumpkin pie spice. LOVE them!



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