Breakfast Burritos

February 19, 2013


I wish I had a good photo of the actual breakfast burrito to share with you, but unfortunately I only have the beginnings of the breakfast burrito. Truth be told, I made these as a convenient freezer food to have when I brought my newborn home. Being that my Husband is deployed I knew that I was going to be pretty overwhelmed and not have much time for home-cooked meals for a while. These breakfast burritos were one of a handful of foods that I prepped early on and froze to reheat at a moments notice. This was actually my first time ever having a breakfast burrito- they are so good! And they froze and re-heated beautifully! Why has it taken me so long to jump on the breakfast burrito bandwagon?

Hands down the very best thing about homemade breakfast burritos is that you can make them to suit your own tastes. You can put in whatever combination of foods sounds delicious to you. The ingredients can be as simple or complex as you want. Maybe you are really pressed for time and you simply do eggs and cheese- great! Or you might want to truly treat yourself when the time comes and so you go the extra mile with fillings- meats, veggies, cheese, egg- all the fixings! As much as I wanted to make up a bunch of protein and veggie packed burritos… I just couldn’t deny myself the deliciousness of saturated fats.


The basic staple of a breakfast burrito are the eggs.

I whipped up a whole dozen scrambled, seasoned them with some salt and pepper, and then threw in a handful of chopped chives for some extra flavor.


Next, I chose to use some extra sharp cheddar.

You can use whatever sounds good to you- pepper jack, swiss, etc. Doesn’t matter.

Do yourself a favor though and use freshly shredded cheese, it just melts so much more beautifully since it’s not coated with cornstarch.


And for some extra density I cooked up a good batch of seasoned home fries.


But to top everything off, I just had to have some crisp, crumbled bacon. YUM!

Cheese, potatoes, and bacon? With eggs? SO delicious!


When it comes to the wrap, I did decide to go a little healthier since I wasn’t adding any true veggies (do potatoes count?)

But I think the more delicious option would be a flour tortilla.

Here comes my favorite part- to save them for later, just wrap them up individually with plastic wrap or foil and put them inside a ziploc bag then freeze!

I used foil because I knew that I wanted to bake them straight from the freezer. I have read that you can use the microwave though- just don’t use foil…

If you want to eat them immediately rather than store them for later, simply warm the burrito on a sheet pan in the oven until heated through.

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Breakfast Burritos
  • flour tortillas or sandwich wraps
  • scrambled eggs (with chopped chives or scallions preferably)
  • shredded cheese (cheddar, pepper jack, etc)
  • home fries (cubed, cooked, and seasoned potatoes)
  • bacon, cooked and crumbled
  1. Preheat oven to 375°F and line a baking sheet with parchment.
  2. Warm up tortilla or wrap in microwave for a few seconds until pliable.
  3. Lay tortilla/wrap on countertop and layer on eggs, cheese, potatoes, and bacon.
  4. Roll up tortilla/wrap and place on baking sheet; repeat process with remaining ingredients to reach desired number of burritos.
  5. Bake covered 10 minutes (bake uncovered for crispy shell).
Feel free to use any filling that you like- veggies, ham, sausage, etc.



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