FREE WordPress Blog Setup!

Free WordPress Setup

If you are nervous about setting up your first blog- don’t be! I will gladly help you through the process.


Whether you just have a simple question or would like the process done for you, just shoot me an e-mail.

All that you will have to do from your end is purchase your domain name (website url) and  sign-up for an account with HostGator and I can do the rest!

I will make sure that your WordPress is up and running smoothly and that you are comfortable before handing you over the reigns to start managing the layout and creating posts.

And I will do all of this for…


You are probably asking yourself, “What’s the catch?”

No catch! Honest. All you have to do is purchase your web-hosting service through any of the HostGator links that appear on my blog and I will receive a commission from them. That is all the compensation I need.

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