Coconut Oil Rice Krispies

June 17, 2013

So 5 days after my fever finally broke, it has resurfaced in my daughter. Poor thing : / I was really hoping that since I had gotten better without any other casualties that we were all in the clear. Guess not. Still crossing my fingers that my little 5 month old doesn’t catch this thing. […]

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Black Bottom Coconut Bars

May 6, 2013

My Grandmother used to make these coconut tarts when I was growing up. They were my favorite thing that she would make. I’m still surprised that a coconut tart really appealed to me that much as a kid. I find that a lot of kids don’t like coconut. Heck, even a good number of adults. […]

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The Ultimate Coconut Cream Pie

April 2, 2013

I don’t know what is wrong with me lately but I have been having some serious coconut cravings. I swear ever since I bought coconut oil and made those Healthy Mounds Bars it’s all I think about. Maybe they are like post-pregnancy hormone cravings? I don’t know. After the Mounds Bars I made a Coconut […]

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Chewy, Chunky Blondies

February 28, 2013

Who out there likes their cookies/bars like they like their Ben & Jerry’s- chunky and chocked full of texture? (*waves hand enthusiastically*) I am a total texture junky. To me, this recipe is the Ben & Jerry’s of cookie bars. They are chocked full of ingredients- chocolate chips (of course), nuts, coconut, and butterscotch. And […]

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Coconut Quick Bread

February 22, 2013

To be quite honest I have never wandered outside the realm of the standard quick breads- zucchini, banana, and pumpkin. Never in a million years did I even think about there being such thing as coconut quick bread! Man, have I been missing out. I just loved this recipe. It is so simple and even adaptable […]

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Caramel Coconut Cluster Bars (Homemade Samoa Bars)

February 5, 2013

These… these were fabulous. I’m a little bias though- Samoas are my absolute favorite girl scout cookie. I never could jump on the whole thin mint bandwagon. The Caramel Coconut Cluster Bars were a dream come true to me. This recipe comes from one of my new recipe books- “Baked: Our 10 Favorite Ingredients” by Matt Lewis […]

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Healthy Mounds Bars

January 22, 2013

I’ve recently started a love affair with coconut oil. I went on a shopping spree at vitacost.com and purchased a TON of super healthy seeds, teas, powders, etc. Coconut oil was one of the many items that ended up in my shopping cart. I had never tried it before, but had often seen it used […]

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